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Memories Of A Home

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​I encourage everyone to read this book.
I read "Brookwood Road" out loud to my fiance while he drove us to Yellowstone National Park and it became the highlight of each day in the car! As I read, I could easily picture the author and his brothers getting into this or that. This book had both of us laughing and crying. We carry "Brookwood Road" at the bookstore I manage and it has been a bestseller. I encourage everyone to take the time to read this book. C. Jeffcoat

Don't miss the opportunity to laugh and cry

Scott Vaughan writes a coming-of-age story set in rural Georgia that chronicles the childhood of three brothers, Frank, Jack, and Wayne. These stories, told from Frank's point of view, include vivid descriptions of the brothers attempting to build a tree house and what happens when they get out of bed in the middle of the night to get water, just to name a few. Frank's mischief leads his siblings down a road full of memories and adventures, both funny and serious. Everyone should have this type of childhood where innocence and adventure can bring siblings and family closer together. Vaughan's writing takes the reader on a journey that will leave a lasting impression. Eric & Cindy Perry

A very sweet memoir of a childhood growing up on the family farm.

The stories of the author's childhood antics are filled with many "boy adventures" as he and his two brothers explore and mature over the years. It was truly a wonderful read. Great laughs, tears of loss and learning, and quite a few "shake your head moments" as well. It's a great "slice of life" book, giving insight into what life what like, not only growing up in the 60's, but on a working farm with family that truly was loving and close. The life we all wanted and dreamed of, but only a lucky few got to actually experience. I hope to convince my high school to choose this as one of our discussion books this school year. I'm sure the students and staff alike will all love it.  M. Wise-Miu

A book I couldn't put down.

Every chapter offered a new adventure. This book brought back memories of my elementary and high school years, As information, I always thought a Dixie cup dispenser would solve many problems in my house as well. The only problem is I wished me and Rickie had lived closer to Brookwood road. We w poo hold have been there daily so you wouldn't have needed so many imaginary runners. Great Book. I've shared copies for others to enjoy. M. Andriate

Awesome story even if you don't live here!
However, I do live in Cumming, GA and it makes the book even better. Our family has been here since 1989 (transplanted from Louisiana) and our last two children were born here. 
A most excellent read! Kenneth H. Cagle Jr.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! My expectations were exceeded in the engaging writing style of the author, but I did not expect the flood of memories from my own childhood. Todd Fleming.

Wonderful book !! It is the kind if book you can't lay down once you start reading. There's No Place Like Home :) Michael Moore

A wonderful book that I could not put down. Laughed out loud at the antics of three brothers growing up on a farm. I think William said it great "GOOD FOR THE SOUL" I know that it was . . . Donna S.

I think William said it great "GOOD FOR THE SOUL" I know that it was definitely good for mine. Through laughter and tears, what wonderful memories of the good Ole days. Great job capturing how things used to be. D. Martin.

You don't want this one to end. I got the book for Christmas as requested and didn't feel up to reading it until yesterday. Definitely one of those books I couldn't put down, read it all in a day. David Mc.

A must read...couldn't put this one down! If you grew up in the South you will relate to the rural farm setting, the old country store, and little country church. I got caught laughing out loud! Jan Kinard

Scott is a master storyteller. If you grew up on a farm, or, like me, just spent time there with your friends, this book will bring back fond memories. A must have piece of Southern literature for those who immediately identify with buttermilk, yard dogs, meat houses, and peeing outdoors. You too will laugh out loud. Marion Hope

Brookwood Road is a heartwarming book that brings back memories of a small town childhood in the 60s. Charlley

Brookwood Road is extremely entertaining. Scott Vaughan takes the reader through a range of emotions, often with quick although subtle changes in his writing tone. I laughed, sympathized and identified with the main character Frank as his early years in brotherhood unfolded. Ben

As I read the book, I found myself laughing out loud even in a doctor's waiting room at some of the mischief these boys got into. You will laugh, sometimes so hard, you will cry and you will absolutely be brought to tears by some of the stories of Scott Vaughan's family. Derek Miller

Scott Vaughan does an outstanding job with the short stories in his book and depicts the scenario and characters vividly. Elaine

I laughed so hard I actually cried; I smiled; I cried as I felt the pain and sadness in the stories of death whether it was his beloved pet or family member; and the book took me back to my childhood helping me to remember some of those precious times in my own life. Dianne

It made me laugh and bring back wonderful memories of our small hometown. Peggi

Scott Vaughan has created a brilliant portrayal of a little boy's life growing up in the deep South. Everyone who reads this,especially men, can identify with that little boy they once were, and the mischievous adventures we all had growing up. Al B.

Good for the soul. A beautiful collection of stories that speak straight to the heart. Where Vaughan is simple in his writing style, he is complex in his display of human emotion. Themes of family, faith, and grief ring true in Brookwood Road and will make you want to pick up the phone to call your family members and tell them you love them. William

Vaughan successfully toggles back and forth from goofy adventure to touching stories of faith and family. Brookwood Road provides laughs followed by tears. There were more than a few times that I relied on my old sweatshirt sleeves to mop up the excess moisture coming out of every hole in my face and was glad that my own family was in the other room because it would have been an embarrassing display. David