brookwood road:

Memories Of A Home

Scott Douglas Vaughan

Scott is the owner of Scott Vaughan Communications, LLC, which serves the strategic communication needs of churches and faith organizations throughout North America. In a previous chapter of his life, he was an award-winning newspaper writer in both Georgia and South Carolina, and has been writing for the enjoyment of others since elementary school.

He resides in Lexington, SC with his wife of 28 years, Vicki. The Vaughans have four sons, Andrew, 26, William, 23, Richard, 20 and Matthew 17.

Scott is a native of Brookwood Road in the southern part of Forsyth County, GA. The county seat is Cumming.

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chapter list



1. The Beginning

2. Tallywackers

3. The Feed Silo

4. Chocolate Milk

5. The Storm

6. The Cooler

7. The Hideout

8. The Green Bike

9. The Whipping

10. Slurpin' Water

11. The Tree House

12. The Baseball Card Locker

13. Pulling The Pump

14. The Neighbors

15. Duchess & Brownie

16. The World Is A Bathroom

17. The Pink Store

18. The First Baseman's Mitt

19. Bandit

20. The Knowledge

21. The Capitals Test

22. Knee Football

23. Death and Life

24. A Fish Story

25. The Crossroads

26. Insects

27. The Hunting Trip

28. Nellie

29. The Bank

30. Just as I Am

31. The Tape Recorder

32. The Honda 50

33. Passiflora incarnata

34. Valentine's Candy

35. The Birds

36. Color Television

37. Christmas Voltage

38. The Tickle Machine

39. The End



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